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Our strategy

Umicore’s strategy, Vision 2015, is shaped by global economic, social and environmental megatrends. Our competencies, market positions and expertise in metallurgy, materials science, application know-how and recycling give us strong growth potential in the following areas:

resource scarcity

increasingly stringent
emission control

renewable energy

electrification of the

Resource scarcity: in today’s world metals are in greater demand but are becoming ever scarcer. Umicore’s recycling capabilities recover 26 elements including precious and other metals

Clean air: the drive towards stricter emissions standards provides global growth opportunities in automotive catalysts for both light and heavy duty vehicles

Vehicle electrification: the growing market for lithium ion batteries used in electrified vehicles is driving demand for our rechargeable battery cathode materials

Clean energy: Umicore develops materials that form the heart of highly efficient photovoltaic technologies and which enable other energy efficient products

Our Vision 2015 objectives cover our economic ambitions and also challenging goals for environmental and social performance:


Growth and returns: our key growth projects have the potential to achieve double digit revenue growth. Our long-term goal is to generate an average return on capital employed of 15-20 %.

Great place to work

Safety: we aim to have zero lost time accidents.

Occupational exposure: we will reduce the body concentrations of specific metals to which our employees have an exposure: Cd, Pb, Co, Ni, As, Pt.

People development: all employees worldwide will receive an annual appraisal to discuss individual development.

Preferred employer: we will target specific actions based on the results of the 2010 People Survey.


Reduce carbon footprint: we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20% vs the level of 2006 and using the same scope of activities as 2006.

Emission reduction: we aim to reduce by 20% the impact of metal emissions to water and air vs 2009 levels.

Product sustainability: we will invest in tools to better understand and measure the life cycles and impacts of our products.

Stakeholder engagement

Sustainable procurement: we will implement our new sustainable procurement charter throughout our business.

Local community: all our sites will be expected to make further steps in identifying key stakeholders and engaging with the local community.