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Case studies

Creating a brighter future: LED materials

Economic review

LEDs are the biggest thing in lighting since the light bulb. They last a long time, save their owners money, and are environmentally friendly. Making LEDs shine brighter is a great example of how Umicore can improve a customer’s product performance.

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SafeStart® at Burlington

Great place to work

Employees at the Automotive Catalysts plant in Burlington (Canada) came up with innovative ideas to create a safety culture, which led to them being nominated for the Umicore Safety Award.

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Water treatment at Hoboken


A new waste water treatment facility at Umicore’s precious metals recycling plant in Hoboken will be able to remove 99% of any selenium and nitrate present in waste water. It puts Hoboken’s water purification process among the most efficient in the industry.

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A partnership to tackle e-waste

Stakeholder engagement

Umicore works with WorldLoop to provide an environmentally sound solution for waste electronics collected and dismantled in Africa. The partnership was one of the finalists at the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment in the category ‘international business cooperation’.

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Clean air for all


The need for clean air has never been greater. Regulators continue to tighten vehicle emission standards around the world. Umicore technologies are ensuring that these improvements happen.

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Charging up in China

Energy Materials

People are constantly on the move. This continuing trend calls for a trusted source of energy in their laptops, tablets, smart phones and electric vehicles. The business unit Rechargeable Battery Materials (RBM) has expanded significantly in recent years and is a market leader for high-quality, cost-efficient cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. The operations in Jiangmen, China, have played a big part in this success.

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BlueBraze – doing more with less

Performance Materials

Umicore Technical Materials business line BrazeTec delighted its customers in 2013 with the launch of BlueBraze. This innovative silver brazing alloy has a 10% lower proportion of silver, which gives customers a significant cost reduction.

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Growth plans for Recycling


With supplies of complex residues set to increase in the coming years, Umicore’s Hoboken facility will be the focus of major growth investments between 2014 and 2016.

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