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One minute summary

“2013 turned out to be a challenging period for several of Umicore’s businesses with recurring EBIT coming in lower than in 2012. The main reasons for the decrease were the impact of lower metal prices and the sluggish economy in Europe. The metal price tailwind of the last few years turned into a headwind, reducing the profitability of our Recycling activities. We stepped up our investments in our Vision 2015 growth initiatives. Cashflows remained very positive during the year and our financial position remained very solid. In terms of sustainability performance we again made good progress. We made further reductions in CO2 emissions compared to the baseline year. Our safety performance improved markedly in 2013 while we also made excellent progress in the area of occupational health”

Marc Grynberg, CEO

  • Revenues reached € 2.4 billion, down 2%
  • Recurring EBIT was down 18% to € 304 million
  • Return on capital employed was 13.6% vs 16.7% in 2012
  • Capex was 19% higher at € 280 million as we intensified the investments in our growth projects
  • Our R&D spend was € 141 million, 6% of revenues
  • We recorded 35 lost time accidents – down from 49 in 2012
  • CO2 emissions were 17% below those of the reference year 2006 compared to 12% below in 2012.
  • Although the impact of our metal emissions to air and water increased, they remained well ahead of the Vision 2015 improvement target
  • We attained conflict-free gold certification for our main recycling and refining operations