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Sustainability context

Our sustainability context is shaped by many factors: the materials and services we provide; the diversity of our industrial processes and technologies; the global scope of our organization; our history and our diverse supply chain.

More than half of Umicore’s revenues and the majorityof our R&D expenditure are linked to technologies that have been specifically developed to address resource scarcity or reduce environmental impacts. As such we are a company that plays a major role in providing products and services that are enablers of a more sustainable future.

While our products can make a positive difference in the world we are also committed to ensuring our operations are run in such a way as to minimize our environmental footprint. We also undertake to be the best possible employer and neighbour and to adopt the best standards of business ethics and governance both within Umicore and through our supply chain.

More information on our general management approach and our management approach to economic, environmental, social and stakeholder engagement can be found on the following pages: