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Stakeholder engagement

Umicore is a publicly listed company. As such, it interacts with a number of parties who have an interest in the way in which the company conducts business. The relationship that the company is able to foster with these parties or stakeholders has a direct impact on the company’s success.

Stakeholder engagement at Umicore is, in the first instance, based on a localized approach whereby all sites are required to identify their respective stakeholders and to establish suitable ways of engaging with local stakeholders. This approach is formalized in the Vision 2015 objective relating to local communities. In many instances, such as the dialogue with customers and suppliers, the stakeholder relationships are primarily managed by the business units themselves, in line with Umicore’s de-centralized approach to managing its businesses.

At Group level the Vision 2015 objectives were developed partly from the lessons learned from an external sounding board in 2009 to review Umicore’s sustainability approach and reporting. This sounding board complemented an internal exercise conducted with representatives of business units, shared operational functions and corporate departments.

Umicore is an active participant in various industry associations through which it engages with policy makers in order to contribute to the better understanding of industry-related issues. These associations are also important platforms for Umicore to contribute to broader, industry-wide action on sustainable development. On a less formal level, members of Umicore’s senior management are often called upon or volunteer to participate in public fora to discuss Umicore’s business performance and sustainable development approach. Such events provide the opportunity to interact with various groups including business leaders, academics and civil society.

Highlighted below are Umicore’s main stakeholder groups. These have been categorized in broad terms using generic stakeholder categories that apply to most industrial organizations. Also shown are the nature of the transactions that occur and a brief description of how the dialogue between Umicore and the stakeholders operates.